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Ophidian: The Augmented Reality Graphic Novel is available now!


Delve further into the mysteries of the Ophidian story in Augmented Reality!

Bring the pages of the comic to life as you see more of the action, mystery and horror of the Ophidian underworld with the FREE Imperator AR application.

Available now on Apple and Android devices.

A new creative project is on the horizon! Stay tuned for updates, acting opportunities, giveaways and free, playable demos!


Imperator Interactive was founded by Kevin Taylor for the independent development and publication of creative productions. From video games to graphic novels, books, posters and augmented reality (AR) applications, the company seeks to push the boundaries of traditional and cross media storytelling practices for innovative user experiences.


Established in 2022, the company released its first comic book miniseries, Ophidian, in 2023. Creative Director Kevin Taylor writes, draws and animates, and has brought other creative developers to the table internationally for future collaborative projects.


Stay tuned here for updates on these and other projects!

Get in touch here.

Additional work from Kevin Taylor can be viewed here.

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