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Ophidian Graphic Novel Out Now!

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All 5 issues of the Ophidian comic are completed! Copyright is registered for all works, and comics are currently at the printers. All comics, including the compiled graphic novel, will be available soon through the Indy Planet website.




The Director Poster series is completed, and available for order through the shop now! Cameron, Romero and others join artworks including Hellraiser and Vigo the Carpathian. 


Delve further into the mysteries of the Ophidian story in Augmented Reality!

Bring the pages of the comic to life as you see more of the action, mystery and horror of the Ophidian underworld with the FREE Imperator AR application!

The new release of the Imperator AR app is now live for Android! The Apple App Store version is under review, but will hopfully be approved soon!


Imperator Interactive is a company developed for the independent publication of creative productions. From comic books and posters to augmented reality (AR) applications, they seek to push the boundaries of traditional and cross media storytelling practices for new and innovative user experiences.


Re-established in 2021, the company released its first comic book miniseries, Ophidian, in Fall 2022. The series follows unlikely heroes as they resist an apocalyptic prophecy in a dark underworld that exists outside of our view. An accompanying AR application that will bring the comics pages to life is in development, with animations furthering the comics story by providing unique insights into events, and the characters inner workings.


Stay tuned here for updates on these and other projects!

To contact the team, email us here.

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